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TMJ-The Symptoms And How To Treat It Effectively


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Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder affects the jaw and may cause significant pain not only in the jaw joint, but the face, neck and back. The symptoms associated with TMJ are varied and range from pain radiating from the jaw through the face as muscle tension increases. Jaw clicking is a symptom; difficulty eating and using the jaw for oral functions is another, as are migraine type experiences.

TMJ Symptoms

Initially, a person suffering with TMJ symptoms may not realize that the jaw joint is the cause of their pain and discomfort. Some people go to their doctors and are prescribed migraine medications that do not actually treat the cause of the migraine that may be TMJ.

TMJ may be effectively treated by a qualified orthodontist who specialised in TMJ disorders. At Harley Street Dental Studio in the centre of London, we have the expertise to treat TMJ conditions. Our orthodontist uses diagnostic tools and discusses symptoms with you to determine if TMJ irregularities exist.

If left untreated, TMJ conditions may worsen leading to poor health and disability. Having your condition assessed helps you receive treatment solutions for improved health and wellbeing.

Treatments for TMJ

There are a range of TMJ treatments depending on the severity of the jaw disorder and whether or not the TMJ symptoms are being treated or the condition is being corrected. Effective TMJ treatments include:

  • Pure Power Mouth Guard – for relaxing facial muscles and correcting jaw joint positioning
  • Modern Orthodontic braces systems – for relaxing facial muscles and correcting jaw joint positioning
  • Oral surgery – for correcting upper and lower jaw position and function

By making an appointment, we may assess your oral health and discuss various TMJ treatment options with you. We are keen to listen to your needs and help you reduce pain and discomfort potentially associated with a jaw joint condition.


TMJ-The Symptoms And How To Treat It Effectively

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