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Tips On How To Clean Teeth Wearing Fixed Braces In The City Of London


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When you have braces it is more difficult to clean your teeth because there are brackets and wires in the way. However, you will soon get used to brushing your teeth and we are happy to provide tips and advice to help you clean your teeth without any stress or hassle.

Oral hygiene and wearing braces

When you wear braces it is more difficult to clean your teeth, but it is also more important that you practice good oral hygiene, as food debris tends to get stuck in the brackets, bands and wires. When food gets stuck, this can contribute to the formation of plaque, which is a sticky film made of saliva, bits of food and bacteria. Plaque is the most common cause of cavities and decay and gum disease.

When you have your braces fitted, our friendly dentists will explain how to keep your braces clean and how to clean your teeth. You can use your normal toothbrush but it may be easier to buy a new brush with a smaller head, as these brushes are easier to manoeuvre around the mouth and brush around the brackets.

You can also buy specially designed braces for orthodontic patients; these are designed to make teeth cleaning easier.

Tips for maintaining good oral hygiene when you have braces

One of the most important things to consider when you have braces is your diet; it is difficult to brush your teeth properly and some foods make it even harder. We recommend steering clear of chewy sweets and starchy foods that get stuck in your teeth, such as crisps. We also advise you to avoid foods and drinks, which are very sugary, as these increase the risk of decay and gum disease.

We recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day and often encourage patients to brush after every meal; this helps to prevent food getting trapped in the brackets and wires.

Some orthodontic patients find it easier to clean their teeth with an electric toothbrush, as they are easier to move and they rotate much faster for a more thorough clean.




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