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Three Tips to Stop Brace Sores


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If you have braces, you may find them uncomfortable when you first have them fitted or adjusted. Wearing braces can take a little getting used to, but there are ways of keeping pain at bay. Here are 3 tips to stop brace sores:

  1. Take care with your diet: you may find that eating certain foods increases pain, so take care with your diet, especially in the first few days of wearing braces. Avoid hard and chewy foods and those with an acidic taste or flavour. Sharp tastes can aggravate sores, so try and cut back on juices, anything that contains vinegar and citrus flavours.
  2. Use dental wax: dental wax, also known as orthodontic wax, can really help if you’ve got sores, as it forms a protective barrier between the soft tissue of the mouth and the brackets of the braces. The wax prevents friction, and it’ll make a massive difference. Remember to remove the wax before you brush your teeth, so that it doesn’t go all over your brush. You can also buy gels that work in a similar way.
  3. Using brace covers: if you’ve got sores on your lips, brace covers may help. They are made from soft plastic, and they bend to fit over the braces. They prevent contact between the brace and the fleshy inner lip.

If you’re having problems with your braces and you’re in pain, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable as quickly as possible. For the first couple of days, it’s common to find braces, especially fixed braces, slightly uncomfortable, but any pain should subside. If you are in pain, we may recommend taking over the counter pain relief. Applying ice to the gums can also help to soothe soreness.


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