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Three Tips to Help Stop Snoring


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If you snore, or you live with somebody who snores on a regular basis, you may be looking for solutions. Snoring can disrupt the peace and cause strain in relationships, but there are often simple strategies that can make a difference. If you snore or you’re tired of trying to doze to an unwanted soundtrack every night, here are 3 tips to stop snoring:

  1. Change your sleeping position: many people find that they are more likely to snore when sleeping on their back. If you snore, try a different sleeping position. If you’re used to lying on your back, you’ll probably find that sleeping on your side reduces the risk of snoring. This is because it’s easier to breathe on your side, as it opens up the airways.
  2. Make some lifestyle changes: in many cases, snoring is linked to lifestyle choices. You’re more likely to snore if you’re overweight or you smoke. Drinking alcohol can also make you snore, as alcohol causes the muscles in your throat to relax. If you do want to change your lifestyle, we are here to help, and we can offer expert advice and guidance.
  3. Anti-snoring devices: if you snore on a regular basis, we may recommend using an anti-snoring device. We have two types of appliance that can help to stop snoring in its tracks. The first, the most commonly used, is a mandibular advancement device, which pushes the jaw forward slightly to open up the airways. The other option is a tongue retaining device, which holds the tongue in place while you sleep.

If snoring is making life a misery, don’t struggle in silence! Call us today, and we’ll try our best to restore peace.



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