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Three Things To Watch Out For To Avoid Oral Cancer


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Did you know that the number of cases of oral cancer diagnosed in the UK has risen by a third in the last decade? Although oral cancer is becoming much more common, many people are still unaware of the causes and symptoms of this deadly disease. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we’re always eager to do everything possible to protect our patients, so here are 3 things to watch out for to avoid oral cancer:

  1. Smoking: smoking is the most common cause of oral cancer due to the presence of carcinogens in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. If you smoke, and you would like to try and give up, our dental team will be happy to help.
  2. Alcohol: if you drink more than the recommended weekly intake of alcohol on a regular basis, you’ll be at greater risk of mouth cancer. Alcohol is particularly dangerous when combined with smoking. If you smoke and drink, you’re more than 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer than non-drinkers and non-smokers. The recommended weekly intake is 14 units.
  3. Poor diet: your body relies on your diet for important nutrients, and studies have shown that missing out on key vitamins and minerals can increase your risk of developing oral cancer. Try and ensure you hit your 5-a-day target every day.

The main symptoms of oral cancer to look out for include:

  • Red or white patches in the mouth
  • A persistent sore throat
  • Unexplained oral pain
  • Slow-healing ulcers and sores
  • Abnormal lumps or swelling

We strongly recommend regular check-ups for all our patients. We include oral cancer checks as standard. If you’re worried about risk factors, you need advice or you’d like to learn more about oral cancer, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Three Things To Watch Out For To Avoid Oral Cancer

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