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Three Reasons Why It’s Important To See Your Hygienist in 2018


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If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year to put your health first, booking a dental hygiene session is a brilliant place to start. Seeing a hygienist can benefit each and every dental patient. Here are just three reasons why it’s important to see your hygienist in 2018:

  1. Reduced risk of gum disease: gum disease is a very common problem. In many cases, it can be managed fairly easily, but if it is left to progress, it can be tricky to treat. Advanced gum disease contributes to permanent damage to the bone structure supporting the teeth, causing them to come loose and fall out. Seeing a hygienist can help to reduce the risk of gum disease by removing harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar from the mouth. Hygienists are also heavily involved in the treatment of gum disease.
  2. Tackling bad breath: bad breath is another common ailment. If you suffer from bad breath, dental hygiene sessions can provide intensive cleaning to remove the bacteria that release unpleasant odours in the mouth. Hygienists offer much more powerful cleaning techniques than brushing and they can provide you with a really fresh, clean feeling.
  3. Removing surface stains: we all want beautiful, healthy-looking teeth. Sadly, our diets, our lifestyle habits and general wear and tear can take their toll on our smiles. If you’re looking to inject a bit of sparkle into your smile, booking a hygiene session may be a good idea. Your hygienist can use advanced cleaning techniques to remove surface stains and give your teeth a healthy glow.

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