There’s a Whitening Treatment for All London Patients at Harley Street Dental Studio


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Whitening your teeth at Harley Street Dental Studio is incredibly easy, with a range of whitening treatments to suit every patient.

There are systems you use at home, systems provided in practice, custom fitted mouthguards and easy to use whitening strips.

Here is the breakdown of what Harley Street Dental Studio London has to offer:

Ramp whitening

If you have sensitive teeth Ramp is the whitening treatment for you. Gently whitening the teeth over the course of 15 nights, Ramp gradually whitens the teeth in stages, rather than overpowering them with one whitening gel concentrate.

To brighten the colour of your teeth you will wear custom fitted mouthguards, which will contain a whitening gel. With Ramp there are 3 whitening concentrates, which you will gradually upgrade to the next level over the course of the 15 nights. Your teeth will look incredibly bright once the treatment is over and you will be able to maintain your new healthy look by wearing the mouthguard and gel 6 nights out of the year.


Zoom! is the ideal treatment for patient who need teeth whitening results fast! And can brighten a smile by 6-10 shades in just an hour!

Zoom! is provided in practice, which allows a more concentrated level of gel to be used. After the gel has been applied to your teeth an activation light will be used to enhance the effect of the gel, to lift and remove stains and brighten the colour of your teeth.

Nite White

For busy people with very little time there is the Nite White whitening system. Nite White uses custom-fitted aligners to hold a patented whitening solution (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, ACP), which not only whitens the teeth but also smoothes them, making them glossy and bright.

The trays need to be worn for only 7-10 nights during your sleep to brighten the teeth.

Smile Strips

Smile Strips are the cost effective and easy solution to tooth discolouration. A 14-day course costs only £45, noticeable changes to the colour of your teeth within a few days.

The whitening strips should be placed for 45 minutes per day for 14 days on the upper and lower teeth to achieve your whitening results.


There’s a Whitening Treatment for All London Patients at Harley Street Dental Studio

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