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The Secret Behind Your Smile: Incognito Lingual Braces


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Have you ever wished upon a star or a four-leaf clover for a straight smile? Many people who have crooked or crowded teeth want a more attractive smile, but they don’t want the endure the treatment process. Often, this is because they assume that they will have to wear a highly-visible brace for months or even years. If you’re not all that keen on sporting a brace, you don’t have to give up on your dream smile. With Incognito, you can undergo treatment in secret.

Introducing Incognito

Incognito is a lingual orthodontic system, which offers patients the opportunity to have treatment without anyone else being able to spot your braces. Essentially, lingual braces are very similar to traditional fixed braces, but with one major difference. Lingual braces are fixed to the back of the teeth. This means that your braces cannot be seen when you smile.

Incognito is a versatile system, which is suited to the majority of patients, including those who require a substantial amount of movement. These braces, which are made from the finest-quality materials, are completely bespoke, and each bracket is hand-crafted.

The advantages of Incognito

Incognito offers a wealth of benefits for orthodontic patients, especially those who are eager to keep a low profile during treatment. If you’re worried about the impact of wearing braces on your image or your career, this could be an ideal system for you. In addition to facilitating invisible treatment, Incognito also offers:

  • Customisation: every Incognito brace is custom-designed for the individual patient, increasing the chances of achieving optimal results.
  • Comfort: Incognito braces are sleek and delicate, and they are made using high-quality materials. These braces are suitable for patients who have nickel allergies.
  • Speed: Incognito braces can achieve results faster than conventional fixed braces, as they use state of the art technology to accelerate tooth movement. The exact timeframe will vary depending on how much movement is required.

If you like the sound of Incognito, and you’re keen to find out more about whether you’re a good match for treatment, why not call and arrange a consultation today?


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