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The Secret Behind Invisible Fillings


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At Harley Street Dental Studio, we always aim to provide our clients with treatments that promote good oral health and make them feel more confident. Our aim is not just to ensure that your smile looks great. We also want to do everything we can to keep dental problems at bay. Often, we use treatments like invisible fillings to offer you the best of both worlds. With this option, we can restore the teeth and fight decay without detracting from the beauty of your smile.

About invisible fillings

Invisible fillings are designed to seal cavities and reduce the risk of further infection without impacting on the aesthetic of the smile. As you can guess from the name, invisible fillings are impossible to detect when you smile.

We use dental composite and resins and ceramics, such as porcelain, to create invisible fillings. The filling is matched to the colour of the natural tooth. Unlike with metal fillings, you can’t tell the difference between the natural tooth structure and the filling.

In the past, mercury amalgam fillings were used to fill cavities, and many people come to us looking to replace metal fillings. These fillings are visible when you speak and smile, and some people have concerns about their safety. Replacing them with invisible fillings can help to improve the look of your smile and give you peace of mind.

What happens when you have a filling?

Before you have a filling, your tooth will be numbed to make sure that you don’t experience any pain. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will start to clear decayed tissue from the cavity. The cavity will then be cleaned thoroughly, and bonding material will be applied to the sides. The filling material is then poured into the hole, and your dentist will shape and mould it to seal the cavity. A curing light is then directed at the filling to set it firm. When the filling has set, your dentist will trim it to ensure a perfect fit. Fillings usually last 2-5 years. When you have routine check-ups, your dentist will have a look at your fillings and check that they are still in good condition.


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