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The Rising Popularity Of Invisalign Braces For Patients In London


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Increasingly, individuals from all corners of the globe are realizing that it’s not only possible but affordable and encouraged to correct misaligned teeth. Harley Street Dental Studio based in the world’s centre London W1 is offering Invisalign as a chosen invisible modern braces system.

Invisalign braces reposition teeth into their correct alignment so that teeth are evenly spaced, not overcrowded or protruding. Invisalign is clinically proven to straighten teeth while enhancing smiles with utmost discretion. Internationally, Invisalign is not only chosen by celebrities but by those who take pride in appearance from all walks of life.

Invisalign – the chosen invisible braces system

The modern alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, Invisalign aligners are clear, custom adjusted and refined to invisibly fit over a dental arch, applying comfortable orthodontic leverage to straighten teeth in the shortest time.

Invisalign restores confidence in orthodontic care through revolutionising braces systems, eliminating use of wires, metal brackets and elastics. Conveniently removed for activities, eating or cleaning, Invisalign aligners are made for modern health-conscious persons. Invisalign removes stigma from braces treatment.

At Harley Street Dental Studio we offer Platinum Elite Invisalign with complimentary consultation and value-added treatment such as power teeth whitening. We offer competitive Invisalign prices and treatment to suit individual needs.

Wearing Invisalign braces – whether Invisalign Standard, Invisalign Express, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Teen or Invisalign i7 – straightens teeth without the treatment being obvious to others. Invisalign is a gentle treatment that boosts self-confidence, transforming smiles and natural beauty.

Invisalign is chosen to:

•             Correct mild orthodontic conditions

•             Preserve appearance and dignity during treatment

•             Speed up braces treatment time for faster smile-transforming results

•             Be removable for convenience and dental hygiene

We offer Invisalign to treat mild orthodontic conditions and alternative modern braces systems for choices in invisible braces treatments and for treating all orthodontic conditions.




The Rising Popularity Of Invisalign Braces For Patients In London

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