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The Pure Power Mouthguard in London: Can it Improve Your Athletic Performance?


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It is understandable that many people regard the claims of the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) with scepticism. But the many athletes who use it claim that it not only protects their mouth during contact sports, but that it can actually improve their sporting performance in all areas.

How does it work?

When fitting the PPM your London dentist will use Transcutaneous Electro-Neural Stimulation (TENS) to detect your ideal bite position. Your ideal bite position is the point where the muscles in your face are the most relaxed. This is the key factor to the PPM’s effectiveness. Around 90% of the population do not naturally settle into their ideal bite position because the lower jaw is not properly aligned, for example the vast majority of the population have an overbite.
When optimum bite position is reached this relaxes the muscles in the jaw, the face, the neck and aligns the muscles throughout the body. This is said to improve many areas of sporting performance, such as jump height, flexibility and stamina.

Is there any evidence?

Evidence of the PPM’s effectiveness comes from a vast number of athletes in different sports, who have claimed that they can run faster, jump higher, last longer and their overall performance is improved. In professional sports it is vital to have “the edge” and many claim that the PPM provides you with a slight advantage over your opponents.
A study has been carried out by Rutgers University in New Jersey that has found evidence to support the PPM’s claims. Athletes were studied for endurance and power whilst wearing the PPM and another custom-fit mouthguard. The athletes were not aware of which guard was the PPM, but significant improvement in peak performance was seen when the PPM was fitted.


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