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The Low-Down on Laser Treatment


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Lasers deliver energy in the form of light, which can now be used for both surgical and dental procedures. During medical procedures the laser is used to cut or vaporize tissues and can also be used to shape fillings, as well as for whitening teeth. Following are some of the various dental issues that can be fixed with laser treatment:

  • Teeth whitening: Laser treatment can be used for teeth whitening. The energy from the laser is used to activate a peroxide bleaching solution that removes stains and whitens teeth.
  • Decayed teeth: If a tooth becomes decayed, lasers can be used to remove the dangerous decay, before it spreads and causes further damage. They can also be used to prepare the enamel forΒ a filling.
  • Gum problems: Lasers can be used for both gum reshaping and bacteria removal during root canal treatment.
  • Lesion removal: Lesions in the mouth are often a sign of mouth cancer, but can be removed using laser treatment to alleviate pain caused by canker sores and stop the spread of oral cancer.

Benefits of laser treatment

Laser treatment reduces pain in comparison to other traditional dental procedures. Subsequently the use of anesthesia is also reduced. This all helps reduce anxiety for patients who are uncomfortable with the idea of dental drills. Swelling and bleeding due to soft tissue treatment is also reduced due to laser treatment and more healthy teeth can be preserved during cavity removal if laser treatment is used.

Disadvantages of laser treatment

Many common dental procedures, like filling cavities between the teeth or preparing large cavities that require a crown, do not benefit from laser treatment. Laser treatment is also unable to remove silver fillings or defective crowns or teeth that have fillings already in place. Even though lasers can be used to shape a filling, adjust the bite or polish the filling, traditional drills are needed to completely remove a filling.


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