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The Invisalign Teen procedure


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Invisalign Teen is designed to correct all sorts of dental issues including overcrowded teeth, cross bites, overbites and under bites. The process is effective, easy and requires minimal contact with your dentist. The process is really simple:

  • Firstly, the dentist will go through an oral examination
  • Your dentist will then make a mould of your mouth in dental putty
  • A unique, revolutionary 3D model of your teeth is created (ClinCheck) and then a series of clear, plastic aligners will be derived from this over a 9-15 month course
  • You will change your aligners every 2-3 weeks

The advantages of Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen has many wonderful advantages. The clear, invisible aligner will not draw unwanted attention and your mouth won’t be locked around uncomfortable spikes of metal.

Listed below are the advantages of Invisalign Teen:

  • Clear, subtle and unnoticeable
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible; you can remove the aligners whenever you want for special occasions such as the prom and special photographs
  • You can eat whatever you want whenever you want
  • Teeth alignment starts right from the beginning
  • You will get several weeks worth of aligners at one time
  • The treatment is relatively quick compared to conventional braces, between 9-15 months
  • The blue dot wear indicator lets you know when a new aligner tray needs to be used
  • Treatment package includes six free aligners
  • Invisalign Teen is designed to handle teeth that haven’t yet erupted
The Invisalign Teen procedure

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