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The Importance Of Having An Oral Cancer Screening


How can we help?

Just as it is important to have your body tested for various cancers, it is also important to have regular oral cancer screenings. Our experts can look for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer, which perhaps you cannot see, and the faster it is diagnosed the better chance of a full recovery. Many of the things we put into our body can increase the chances of getting oral cancer. Things like drinking alcohol and smoking are big factors when it comes to the 25% increase in oral cancer in the last ten years.

How can we check for oral cancer?

There are some signs and symptoms of oral cancer that you can check for at home. These are;

  • Sudden bleeding in your mouth
  • Finding it hard to swallow
  • Difficulty moving your tongue
  • Red or white patches within the mouth, lips or gums
  • Painful ears
  • Your teeth or jaw do not fit together as they did before

We use a state of the art system that uses fluorescent light to highlight any abnormalities in your mouth. If oral cancer is diagnosed fast enough then 90% of people make a full recovery. If you think you have any of the symptoms listed it is important that you either come to see us for a professional and expert screening, or visit your health practitioner so that a diagnosis can be made as soon as possible. The faster the diagnosis the sooner you can start treatment.

Due to the increase in oral cancer diagnosis it may be a good idea to look at your lifestyle and think about making some changes for a healthier you. Cutting down the amount of alcohol you drink and quitting smoking can really help lower the chances of you getting oral cancer. If you would like some expert advice on oral cancer screening or how you can improve your oral health, get in touch with the team today.



The Importance Of Having An Oral Cancer Screening

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