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The Impact of Dental Health on the Performance of Professional Footballers


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The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that footballers’ teeth are in a worse state than those of the general public!

  • 53% of 187 football players examined had dental erosion. This is caused by high levels of sugar and acid in the diet from sports drinks. An effect of this is sensitivity, particularly to cold air or cold drinks, which could be distracting to a sportsman and impact performance.
  • Around 40% of players had tooth decay, more than the general population of a similar age. Severe tooth decay or dental abscesses can cause a lot of pain and stop an athlete in their tracks.
  • 7% reported that dental problems were affecting their performance on the pitch.

Your jaw bite plays a key factor in the overall posture of the head, neck and spine. Bad bites can be caused by many things including tooth loss, broken down teeth and poor positioning of teeth. Without ideal posture, an athlete’s strength, power, balance and ease of movement is compromised.

High level professional athletes neglecting their dental health when they pay so much attention to the health and fitness of the rest of their bodies is shocking.

Many dental problems can be prevented with good oral hygiene at home and sensible diet choices. A dentist can provide this advice and also treat any existing decay or other issues. Regular dental exams should be a fundamental part of routine medicals for professional footballers’.

Harley Street Dental Studio partner with many London football clubs, including Chelsea and Crystal Palace, where we work together with the medical team to maintain good health and optimal performance. With all dental treatments available, we can offer full service dentistry to help with any needs. Sedation services are available to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.


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