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The PPM mouth guard is a modern concept in sports technology and one we are delighted to be able to offer Harley Street patients. The treatment is able to correct the alignment of the jaw joint, which can then bring a wealth of benefits to both general and sporting performance.

Who can benefit from the PPM?

The PPM has been designed with elite athletes in mind, however it is suitable for anyone who participates in a sporting activity. Whether you are playing in the top leagues or for your local Sunday team, the PPM can give you that extra mile when the pressure is on. Many athletes have started using the PPM since it came onto the market and the device is especially common amongst baseball, ice hockey, American football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse and hockey players.

The PPM has been developed to enhance sporting performance, as well as offering unrivalled protection for participants of contact sports. The device is particularly useful for elite athletes because they must perform at optimum levels at all times in order to succeed in their chosen career path; however, amateur athletes can also reap the rewards if wearing a PPM. There are various models of the PPM available, including the PPM Key, which is designed for amateur athletes who do not need all the features of the original PPM. People who participate in non-contact sports will usually be advised to wear the guard on their bottom teeth only, while athletes participating in contact sports will be advised to wear them on both the top and bottom sets of teeth.

The PPM is suitable for most people but there are certain criteria which must be met before the dentist will agree to go ahead with fabricating the mouth guard. The PPM is not suitable for people who have lost their back teeth, as the guard is supported by the teeth and people with dental health problems will usually be advised to have treatment for these issues before they get their PPM. The PPM is also not suitable for people with braces, as the guard is custom-made to fit the individual’s teeth perfectly.

The science behind the PPM

Many people would assume that a mouth guard has one primary function and that is to protect the teeth and prevent them from being damaged or broken; however, the PPM has been developed to offer consumers much more. The PPM has been developed based on years of research and aims to optimise sporting performance by ensuring that the jaw joint is always properly aligned. According to research, up to 90 percent of people do not have correct jaw alignment, meaning that the muscles surrounding the jaw are tense; this affects their flexibility and movement and can contribute to pain and aches. The team behind the PPM also claim that releasing the tension around the muscles around the jaw can help movement and flexibility in other areas of the body.

The PPM also helps to reduce the risk of fractures and damage to the facial bones and skull, as the mouth guard absorbs shock and pressure at the moment of contact; this prevents shockwaves from travelling to other areas of the face. The PPM design team also suggests that the PPM helps to reduce fatigue and increase stamina, as muscle contraction will be as efficient as possible once the jaw joint is positioned correctly.

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