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The Causes of Acid Erosion and how Composite Bonding and Veneers can be used to Treat this in London


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Acid erosion stems from the excessive consumption of food and drinks with a low pH content (that is, below 5.0), and is particularly common in children and adolescents. Included in this category are fizzy drinks, such as cola, lemonade and sports drinks (perhaps suggesting why teenagers are the main victims!). More surprisingly, fruit juices are also often highly acidic: orange and apple juice are particularly high in citric acid, a leading culprit of acid erosion.

What are the results of acid erosion?

While naturally-occurring saliva tries to neutralise the low pH level of such acidic drinks as those listed above, if they are consumed too often this becomes difficult, and the enamel of the teeth begins to decay. This can damage the teeth in a number of ways. The teeth may begin to take on a yellow appearance, gaps between the teeth may widen and even the shape of the teeth can change. To treat such changes, composite bonding (fillings) or veneers are often recommended.

What is composite bonding used for?

Composite bonding can be used to fill small holes in the teeth created by acid erosion. They are a popular choice because the shade of the composite paste can be matched to the colour and translucence of your teeth, giving a natural appearance to the modified teeth. This is a massive advantage over metal fillings, which can look unsightly and artificial.

What are composite veneers used for?

Composite veneers are effective at masking the yellow colour of the teeth that acid erosion may cause. However, many dentists now recommend porcelain veneers over composite ones, due to their increased strength, durability and stain-resistance.

Thus, composite bonding and veneers are both effective at tackling the effects of acid erosion for patients in London, although there are alternatives to these methods, such as porcelain or ceramic veneers and fillings.


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