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The Best Routine for Oral Hygiene


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We recommend a daily oral hygiene routine that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Brushing should be the first part of your daily oral hygiene regime. Brushing is hugely important because it clears food debris and bacteria from the mouth. Using a brush with a small head, gently guide your brush around your mouth, covering each quadrant and angling the head of your brush so that you clean every surface of each tooth. Spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth every morning and evening for the best results. We also recommend using fluoride toothpaste, as this helps to protect the enamel.


Flossing is often overlooked, but it is very important because it covers areas that cannot be cleaned properly with a toothbrush. Flossing is especially beneficial for cleaning the gaps between the teeth and the gum line. When you floss, be very gentle and take care not to pull at the tape. It is advisable to floss once a day. If you need any help with flossing, do not hesitate to ask!


Rinsing with mouthwash helps to wash away any remaining food debris and it also gives your breath a fresh and clean odour. We advise waiting around half an hour after brushing to rinse and we also recommend alcohol-free mouthwashes.

Why is oral hygiene so important?

Oral hygiene is important for good oral health, but it can also help to lower the risk of very serious, potentially life-threatening health conditions. Research has linked gum disease to an elevated risk of heart disease and strokes and daily brushing and flossing helps to prevent harmful bacteria from collecting in the mouth. A good oral hygiene routine will also ensure your smile looks healthy and bright and preventative measures will help to reduce your dental bills in the future.


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