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The Benefits Of Going To A Private Dentist


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Dental patients in the UK have a choice of seeing a dentist on the NHS or seeing a private dentist. NHS dentists are employed by the Department of Health and treatment is heavily subsidised by the state and taxpayers, while private dentists are self-employed or employed by private clinics or dental chains. Private fees are set by the company or the individual and they vary. If you’re thinking of having dental treatment or you would like to register with a new dentist, here are some reasons you may wish to consider going to a private dentist:

Greater variety of treatments

Private dentists offer a more diverse range of treatments than NHS dentists; NHS dentistry is designed to prevent and treat dental health problems and treatments are only provided when they are considered essential. Private dentists are able to offer whichever treatments they want and this means that you can access all kinds of treatments and services, rather than just general dental care. Private dentists commonly offer cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic treatments and some may even offer facial aesthetics and spa treatments.

Shorter waiting times

Some people experience difficulties registering with an NHS dentist in their local area and have to join a waiting list; this is uncommon for private dentistry, as services are not as over-subscribed. If you want to see a private dentist, you won’t normally have to wait.

Modern facilities

Private dental clinics tend to be more modern and stylish than NHS surgeries and they are often kitted out with the latest technology and equipment; you can also enjoy additional perks, such as films and music to keep you entertained, a welcome drink and even relaxing spa treatments.


Choice of dentist

Sometimes, in an NHS dental practice, you may not have a choice of which dentist you see, but this is not the case with private surgeries. You can choose which dentist you see and you can also see different dentists within the same practice if you are having different types of treatment; for example, if you are having a smile makeover, you may see a couple of dentists who have special interests in different areas.



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