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White teeth have long been associated with good health and success; historically, an attractive smile was linked to status and wealth and this perception has lasted through the ages. Today, with the rise of celebrity culture, the bright white smile is everywhere, from posters and billboards to television programmes and marketing campaigns. Numerous celebrities have been photographed showing off perfect sets of pearly whites and members of the public have followed suit and more and more people are having cosmetic dental treatments to get the perfect smile.

Teeth whitening treatments are especially popular because they provide an almost instantaneous boost to the teeth and create a much more aesthetically pleasing smile; they are also much more affordable than other cosmetic dental treatments.

There are different types of whitening treatment available, from inexpensive whitening toothpastes to professional in-chair treatments, which can cost hundreds of pounds. As a general rule, the more you pay, the better the results but if you merely have mild discolouration, whitening products may make a noticeable difference; if you have heavy staining, you will need a more intensive, professional whitening treatment to get the results you want.

Recently, whitening treatments have hit the headlines, as some dentists have raised concerns about the safety of DIY home whitening kits and DIY whitening methods. Home kits have become especially popular amongst young people, as they are much cheaper than professional treatments; however, some can be harmful for the enamel of the teeth. Reports also revealed that an increasing number of people are using household products, including bleach to try and whiten their teeth; this can be very dangerous and dentists have urged people to see their dentist for a safe, effective whitening treatment.

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