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Teeth whitening has never been so popular – and with it are a whole load of shady operators trying to cash in on the act.

If you plan to opt for a teeth whitening procedure, make sure you stick with the professionals. For many years now, unpleasant stories have appeared of victims of teeth whitening procedures – people who have bought do it yourself remedies or used beauticians rather than going to qualified cosmetic dentists – just because it’s cheaper. The fact is, you only have one set of teeth, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Watch Out for Teeth Whitening Scams

One of the recent teeth whitening scams was highlighted in the Daily Mail recently. This scam targeted people online, offering a free trial of its teeth whitening products in exchange for a small postage fee (and your credit card details). When it comes to the transaction, they take much more claiming you agreed to the transaction of regular teeth whitening supplies at the full price. An American company called Extreme White has been highlighted as one of the culprits behind the scam, offering a trial for just £3.99 postage, then deducting £59.99 off the person’s credit card.

Too Good to be True? It Probably is

Written in the small print in the terms and conditions is a clause that says the company will keep charging you after your £3.99 trial, unless you inform them otherwise and cancel within ten days.Meanwhile, reports in Australia have highlighted that the boom in teeth whitening has prompted calls for regulation to be introduced. Teeth whitening is unregulated in Australia with teeth whitening services available in some shopping malls and tanning salons. But the teeth whitening can be potentially dangerous if undertaken by someone without the proper training. Dental groups and professional cosmetic dentists have warned that the cheap, instant teeth whitening services offered by untrained staff is dangerous. The Australian Dental Association is trying to change the law so that only trained dentists can carry out teeth whitening procedures. There are different methods of teeth whitening, but commonly teeth whitening involves strong chemicals – if used without care or training, these chemicals can cause burning, ulcers and damage the teeth and gums.

Stick to the Professionals

Dentists charge more for teeth whitening or bleaching – but with the price tag comes a guarantee of expertise and safety. Anyone who opts for teeth whitening via a beautician or non regulated practitioner does so at their own risk. Before you think about saving money on teeth whitening, ask yourself if the practitioner has infection control protocol, and if the strength of the bleach they use could permanently damage your teeth – is it really worth the risk?

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