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Stress and TMJ and how it can be Treated with Pure Power Mouth Guards


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If you thought simply saying the term ‘temporomandibular joint disorder’ caused stress to your jaw muscles, you probably don’t suffer from it. TMJ results from the pressure exerted on your jaw from sources as simple as excessive gum-chewing or teeth-grinding, as well as from more severe instances of trauma to the area. TMJ can cause symptoms such as toothache and pain in the jaw, face and neck for many patients in London. Luckily, however, there is an innovative treatment that minimises the symptoms of TMJ: Pure Power Mouth Guards.

What are Pure Power Mouth Guards?

Through gradually changing the jaw’s position, Pure Power Mouth Guards realign the muscles in order for the tension that causes TMJ to be assuaged. Using top-of-the-range technology, your Pure Power Mouth Guard is created from digital images of your mouth and jaw, so they work to your personal specification in order to give you optimum comfort, both during the realignment process, and afterwards.

Who can use Pure Power Mouth Guards?

There are a few limitations on those who are suitable to use Pure Power Mouth Guards- for instance, people who do not have back teeth, or who suffer from severe tooth decay, cannot usually use them, as they require the support of the teeth. Most other people can use them, although there are particular benefits for athletes, even besides the obvious protection expected from a mouth guard. Because they lessen the energy required to contract and relax the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, as well as the face and jaw, Pure Power Mouth Guards allow both amateur and professional athletes an increased amount of stamina, flexibility and strength.

Even if you’re not particularly athletic, and don’t consider increased flexibility of the mouth to be of the utmost importance, it is important to remember the universal benefits of Pure Power Mouth Guards: stress-relief, confidence and – most importantly – comfort.


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