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Damaged teeth can happen for several reasons and when they do occur, care needs to be taken to treat the tooth properly. If left untreated, a damaged tooth can become weakened, leading to further damage such as the tooth falling out or tooth decay. For this reason, a dentist may use a dental crown to strengthen damaged teeth for patients in the city of London.

What is a dental crown?

Also known as a β€˜cap’, a dental crown sits on top of the surface of a broken tooth to repair it, ensuring there is no loss of function and that the tooth still looks natural. Crowns can be made from different materials, with the most common being porcelain bonded with a precious metal (such as gold). Occasionally, full porcelain crowns are used, although these are not suitable for use in every situation. Porcelain is used as it is strong, and it is very easy to make porcelain fit in with the colour of your other teeth. Great care will be taken over this aspect, so that the crown is not noticeable. Once fitted, crowns only require the same care as is involved in a normal oral hygiene routine, and should last ten to fifteen years if treated well.

When might I need a crown?

Crowns are not always the most suitable option for repairing teeth, as it depends on exactly what type of damage has been suffered. However, crowns do have use in many situations. Crowns can be used to repair teeth when the tooth has been so damaged that it is not possible to use a filling in the tooth. Crowns may also be used when the tooth has been severely fractured, or when there is a large cavity in the tooth. After root canal treatment, a crown can be used to re-strengthen the tooth.


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