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Teeth are very important. Start losing teeth and basic functions, such as talking and eating, become big problems, not to mention the aesthetic impact a gap filled mouth can have. Dentures have long been the common solution to one or more missing teeth, with a history which can arguably be traced back to 7000 BC! Sadly, they come buckled with a long history of problems.Those early dentures, produced by the Etruscan people of ancient Italy, were made from animal teeth and deteriorated quickly. Although the quality of dentures has certainly improved since then, issues involving slippage, chewing and talking are still prevalent. Thankfully, improvements in dentistry have led to the development of dental implants, and improvements in dental implants have led to Straumann implants!

What is a dental implant?

Glad you asked! A dental implant is a fake tooth which is attached to your gum via a concealed metal rod. The tooth (or teeth) can be removed, but will not fall out at inappropriate moments! Implants are often made with titanium, a metal well tolerated by bone which will subsequently integrate well with your jaw.

The advantages of an implant

If you’ve had any experience with dentures, then this section might sound like a dream come true. The biggest advantage of a dental implant is its functionality. Implants work just like natural teeth, so tough foods won’t be a problem and your gums are only going to become inflamed by what affects normal teeth. Atrophy, the decay of the bone surrounding your teeth, is a common problem caused by missing teeth and it can eventually lead to an alteration of your jaw’s shape. Dental implants can, thankfully, prevent atrophy and, in some cases, can even stimulate bone growth! Implants also have a distinct advantage over another form of lost tooth treatment; dental bridges. Bridges require surrounding teeth to be shaved in order to accommodate them. Dental implants will not negatively impact your surrounding teeth!

Why a Straumann implant?

Straumann implants differ from conventional implants in that they;

  • require only one fitting session
  •  heal swiftly
  •  Easily integrate with tissue in the mouth and can accommodate a variety of false tooth styles.

Straumann implants are renowned the world over for their incredible quality and cannot come more recommended. For more information on dental implants please contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London.




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