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Straumann Dental Implants are Replacing Missing Teeth in London


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Swiss-made Straumann dental implants are artificial tooth replacements for people with one or more missing teeth. Engineered using tried and tested implantology and oral tissue regeneration solutions, Straumann implants offer patients a modern, effective choice for tooth replacement.

People in London and all over the world choose Straumann dental implants because of their stable design, comfortable fit, and preservation of existing and natural oral bone. Natural implants allow for normal daily activities like eating, smiling, laughing, singing and kissing to be a pleasure.

Driven by the principle to β€œsimply do more”, Straumann implants give individuals with periodontally compromised teeth, restoration and dental regeneration for enhanced oral function and quality of life. Those with missing teeth may feel self-conscious, unattractive and insecure. Straumann dental implants revitalise oral health and are a long-term aesthetically pleasing solution for a beautiful smile and peace of mind.

A viable alternative to ill-fitting dentures or bridges supported by frames, Straumann implants eliminate discomfort and concerns over moving teeth that make eating and speaking a challenge. Dentures and bridges may also be fixed to Straumann dental implants for an exact fit and comfort. Cosmetic dentists offer Straumann as an ideal choice in dental implant treatment.

Titanium or titanium zirconium posts are inserted into the jawbone to replace missing natural tooth roots. Where necessary, patients may have sinus lift or bone graft to strengthen their jawbone for dental implant treatment. Dental prosthesis such as crowns or bridges are then fixed to these artificial root implants. Straumann implants may be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Implantology experts complete the dental implant procedure for individual, multiple or all tooth replacement within approximately 18 weeks, depending on your treatment needs. Straumann implants support natural-looking artificial teeth that feel totally comfortable and normal. The success of Straumann implants enriches patient choices, life opportunities and well-being.


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