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Straighter Teeth For Patients In London With The Inman Aligner


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The Inman Aligner is the teeth-straightening treatment of choice for those experiencing a relapse in orthodontic care when their once straightened teeth again shift out of their correct position. The Inman Aligner system may be used to retain teeth in their proper alignment and to straighten mildly misaligned teeth.

About The Inman Aligner System

Our orthodontist evaluates your oral condition to determine if the Inman Aligner system is right for you. Teeth straightening options are discussed with you, as are the qualities of the Inman Aligner system.Β  The Inman Aligner specialist at Harley Street Dental Studio will assess the position of your teeth to see if Inman Aligners are suitable to prevent relapse.

Should Inman Aligner be recommended and chosen by you, an impression and digital images are taken of your oral contours for custom-making of your Inman Aligners. The aligner system is then adjusted and fitted so that you may have straighter teeth within six to eighteen weeks.

Modern alternative

The Inman Aligner system is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces systems associated with stigma, oral discomfort and lengthy treatment times. At Harley Dental Studio in London, we offer patients this comfortable and gentle treatment option in teeth straightening.

Like a retainer, Inman Aligner braces are easily removed for daily activities including eating and oral hygiene. The system is versatile in that it not only repositions relapsed dentition but may be used to straighten mild teeth misalignment.

Having teeth straightened with the Inman Aligner system prevents you loosing the benefits of orthodontic care previously received and maintains teeth in their correct positions for healthy oral function and a beautiful smile.

The Inman Aligner system prevents oral trauma, promotes good health, and builds confidence in self-image so that individuals have peace of mind and feel comfortable expressing themselves.











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