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If you’ve had dentures that have slipped and slid around in the past, you’ll be all too familiar with sore spots, irritated gums and the feeling of anxiousness when you start chewing a juicy steak in a restaurant. With our dental implants, you don’t ever have to face these problems again and you can enjoy confidence when eating, comfort and a beautiful smile.

Everything you need to know about dental implants

Dental implants are a long-term option for patients who have missing teeth and they are suitable for those with full sets of missing teeth, as well as patients who have a lost a single tooth as a result of an accident, injury or decay.

Implants are designed to act as a substitute for the tooth root and they are able to anchor a new restoration in the same way as a strong natural tooth. Implants are compatible with different types of restoration, including bridges, crowns and dentures, and this is why they can replace any number of lost teeth.

Implants are made from titanium and they blend in with the natural teeth without causing any harm to the neighbouring teeth, the gums or the bone structures, which support the teeth. When supported by implants, dentures are held firmly and securely in place and there is absolutely no risk of the denture slipping; the denture is also easy to maintain and the bite power is increased by implants, which enables you to chew more effectively.

Implant treatment

Implant treatment involves two separate stages. During the first stage, the implants are sited and this involves drilling a small hole in the jaw bone. Once the holes are in place, the implants are secured and then the gum flap is closed and left to heal. As titanium is a biocompatible material, this means that the implant is able to integrate into the bone; this process is called osseointegration and it takes around 3-6 months.

The second stage of treatment involves the fitting of the new restoration and this takes place once osseointegration is complete.




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