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Stem cells and dentistry


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What is stem cell research?

Stem cell research is a subject of great debate and frequently hits the front pages of the newspapers. Stem cells are found in all multi-cellular organisms. In humans, stem cells are usually taken from embryos or adults. Stem cell research enables scientists to convert stem cells into a range of different cells; stem cell research is predominantly used in medicine but it is also used in dental studies.

Stem cell research is highly contentious because it provokes a debate about tampering with nature. One of the most commonly debated subjects is that of cloning, with many people stating that they are against cloning because it contravenes natural processes. Other people are strongly in favour of stem cell research because it could lead to radical breakthroughs in the fields of medicine and dentistry and potentially many lives could be saved.

How does stem cell research affect dentistry?

One of the major research areas within the dental field is facial reconstruction. Stem cells regenerate themselves and stem cell research could therefore be used to encourage the facial tissue and bone to regenerate following an accident or injury, which damages the facial muscles and tissue. Bone regeneration could make a huge difference to dentistry in the future, as bone loss is common with ageing and certain treatments, including dental implants which require sufficient bone density to support the implant. There is also the potential to restore dental tissue, including dental pulp, cementum and periodontal ligaments, which could help to restore a damaged tooth and prevent the spread of decay.

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