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Speedy Damon Braces For Patients In The City Of London


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The discomfort associated with conventional braces systems is now something of the past. At Harley Street Dental Studio we offer the best options in modern braces systems that are designed for comfort and effective teeth straightening treatment.

About The Damon System

Damon braces are increasingly popular for their custom-design, discrete fit, self-ligating technology and gentle treatment.Β  Teenagers and adults choose Damon braces because the self-ligating system promotes normal oral function during treatment and is frictionless.

The Damon braces system removes concerns about discomfort or oral irritation and poor oral hygiene often associated with conventional braces systems. The self-ligating quality of Damon braces enables better oral hygiene care and our orthodontist explains thoroughly how to care for your Damon braces system during treatment. An alternate self-ligating braces system is Incognito lingual braces.

Made from the finest tooth-coloured materials, Damon braces blend with natural dentition to offer discretion during wear so that it is not obvious to others that teeth straightening treatment is being received. Teenagers and adults suited to Damon braces love the quality of Damon braces in preserving self-image and giving faster teeth straightening results.

Treatment with Damon Braces

From the time your bespoke Damon braces are made and fitted, treatment takes between six and fifteen months at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London. Damon braces are custom-made from digital images taken of your unique oral contours. Once made, the brackets are securely fitted to the teeth for treatment of a range of orthodontic conditions including those untreatable through alternate discrete braces systems.

A vast improvement to traditional metal braces systems, Damon braces correct dental misalignment and reposition skew, crooked and protruding teeth. These orthodontic conditions impact oral health, physical well-being and confidence.

Damon braces restore oral health and improve vitality. The boost in self-esteem experienced from treatment allows individuals to feel better about themselves for better quality of life.





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