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Despite the necessity of braces to correct problems such as crooked teeth and gaps in the smile, many people feel self conscious about wearing them. This is where STb Social 6 come in handy. The wires and brackets create highly effective treatment, but unlike traditional braces they are placed on the back of your teeth, so they can’t be seen.

These braces use the thinnest, flattest wires so that the brace feels comfortable. However, as with all braces, there may be some mild discomfort as your mouth adjusts to the new brace, but this will subside in no time.

STb Social 6 braces also have a shorter treatment time (on average, 16 weeks!) than traditional braces.

The procedure

After a consultation to discuss your suitability for STb Social 6 braces, impressions of your teeth will be taken. These are used to design and create bespoke braces tailored to your mouth. Once this is done the braces will be fitted using one or two wires. These wires unravel to enable a good fit.

The brackets of STb Social 6 braces are self-ligating, which means they move as your teeth change position. This means you won’t need as many trips to the dentist as you would with other brace systems. However, a few dental trips will be required to make sure the treatment is going well and it’s important to maintain perfect oral hygiene during the treatment.


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