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Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer and it’s no wonder, as nothing makes you feel better than a stunning white smile. With our range of whitening treatments, we can make your smile look whiter and brighter with no pain, no drilling and no dreaded injections. We have tried and tested numerous systems to bring you the best treatments around and we look forward to transforming your teeth into a radiant, glowing set of pearly whites.

Our treatments

We are proud to offer both at-home and in-chair whitening treatments to cater for our patient’s varying needs. For those who are short on time and patient with hectic work and social schedules, we offer amazingly convenient home whitening, while patients looking for a gorgeous glow will love Enlighten, our incredible in-chair treatment. Enlighten is regarded as the best treatment on the market and it produces truly amazing results.

The ins and outs of Enlighten

Although Enlighten is classed as an in-chair treatment, it actually involves home treatment for the most part. This treatment process takes place over a 2 week period and for 14 of the 15 days, patients have treatment at home. Home treatment is very simple and all you have to do is wear a custom-made tray, which looks similar to a mouth guard, for around 6 hours per day. The trays contain Enlighten whitening agent, which lighten the shade of the teeth and you will be able to notice the results appearing after just a few days.

After 2 weeks of treatment at home, it’s time for the second stage of treatment, which takes place at the clinic. We invite you to attend a one-hour appointment, when we will complete your treatment with a power whitening session. We simply apply whitening agent to your teeth and then use a light to activate it. There’s no pain involved and you won’t feel a thing; all we ask you to do is to wear a pair or protective goggles and then lie back and wait to see your amazing new smile.



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