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Skipped Appointments Leading to Larger Bills


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For whatever reason, many of us skip, cancel or postpone the odd dental visit. It may be because of current financial problems (and increasingly common in today’s economic climate) or it could be due to dental fear. No matter the reason, those of us who have regularly cancelled appointments may actually be robbing ourselves of more money that if we made regular visits to the dentist.


Many dentists from around the world are beginning to notice a trend: Those of us who haven’t visited the dentist due to money problems – most likely brought on by the recession – are now noticing problems with our dental health and have to return to the dentist despite the cost. Because they have neglected visiting the dentist and getting regular professional help, the damage done to their oral health has actually made things much more expensive than if they had gone for regular check-ups!

Preventative dentistry

Preventive dentistry or minor repairs have always been much cheaper than any dental treatment to repair major damage, which is one reason dentists always advise regular check-ups; after all, most dentists entered their career primarily to help people, not specifically to make money.

The option of dental insurance of finance

If you still feel you can’t afford the cost of visiting the dentist even after reading this, it might be worth looking at dental insurance (especially if you have a family as it will make things significantly cheaper) or organising a meeting with your local dentist to explain your situation. Most dentists will at least understand and empathise with your current situation and may even offer some form of finance option. The dental NHS also offers free dental care to certain individuals if they are in serious financial difficulties.

You may believe you look after your teeth enough that a dental check-up isn’t necessary, but no matter how well you look after your teeth, not visiting your dentist for an extended period of time is a problem waiting to happen. I may very well save you money in the long run, so is it really worth the risk?


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