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At Harley Street Dental Studio we understand the importance of feeling confident when you smile. We use cosmetic bonding to patch up worn and chipped teeth and make your smile look healthy and radiant. The best thing about this treatment is it takes less than an hour.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a very effective procedure, which can make a massive difference to the look of your smile. Our highly skilled dentists use their experience to shape and mould dental composite to build up worn surfaces and repair chipped teeth, making your smile look amazing. Even the most minor changes to individual teeth can really have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of your smile and the procedure takes less than an hour.

Dental composite is available in different shades, so we can match it to your teeth for a beautiful finish. Your dentist will use their skill and creativity to mould the composite and improve the shape of the teeth before applying resins and then setting the composite firm using a curing light. During this part of the procedure, which is only very short, we will ask you to wear a pair of protective goggles. In most cases, treatment is complete within an hour and the results are clear to see straightaway.

Is cosmetic bonding painful?

This is a painless procedure and most patients do not need any anaesthetic.

When can cosmetic bonding be used?

Bonding is a versatile treatment, which can be used to address aesthetic flaws such as discoloured teeth, chipped and worn teeth and small gaps between the teeth.


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