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Simpli5 For Patients In London’s Crooked Teeth


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The Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once claimed that “we think in generalities, but we live in detail.” This might explain why the tiny blemishes we notice in the mirror can drive us to distraction, yet we scarcely think to take action against them. If you have some minor orthodontic issues, but can’t be sure if it’s worth the hassle, then let me introduce you to Simpli5 Express Aligners.

What Simpli5 is

Put simply, Simpli5 treatment consists of several clear aligners which gradually move your teeth into place. Unlike other clear aligner treatments, they are also incredibly speedy and surprisingly affordable. Simpli5 is best suited for minor corrections.

The advantages of Simpli5 treatment

Essentially they are quick and practically invisible. They are also removable, which is great for eating or cleaning your teeth.  The typical treatment time with Simpli5 is between three and five months, which is considerably quicker than the three years that treatment with fixed braces can take! They will have little effect on your speech and, as mentioned, are quite affordable; on average Simpli5 aligners cost around 20% less than other invisible brace systems.

The treatment procedure

First of all, you will require a consultation at Harley Street Dental Studio in London. Here the health of your teeth and suitability for the treatment will be discussed. Should treatment be deemed appropriate, then impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions will then be used to develop your aligners. You should receive your aligners just under a month after you have had your impressions taken. The treatments works incrementally, so you’ll need to change to the next aligner the one you’re wearing starts to feel loose (this usually takes 3-4 weeks). Your dentist will most likely ask you to go to regular checkups, just to ensure treatment is progressing as planned. It should be noted that Simpli5 aligners need to be worn for 20 hours a day, otherwise treatment may not progress at its predicted rate.

Is Simpli5 for everybody?

Simpli5 is designed for small corrections, but please contact us at Harley Street Dental Studio if you are interested! We will happily see if it is suitable for you.






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