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Simpli5 is a new, innovative orthodontic treatment that works in a similar way to the Invisalign system. Simpli5 is so-named because only 5 aligners are required. The Simpli5 system has been designed to target minor orthodontic problems and produces impressive results in a matter of weeks.

What does the treatment involve?

Simpli5 is very similar to Invisalign in that it involves the patient wearing a series of aligners; the aligners are custom-made for each patient and each one has a slightly different shape to encourage the teeth to move over the course of the treatment. There are 5 aligners in the series for each set of teeth; if you need treatment on both your top and bottom teeth, you will be given ten aligners.

The aligners are fabricated according to moulds of your teeth, which are created by the dentist and sent to the Simpli 5 laboratory. The aligners are made in line with an individual treatment plan, which is drawn up based on the individual prescription.

Once your aligners have been manufactured, you will be advised to wear each one for between three and four weeks and then move onto the next one in the series; treatment should be complete within 20 weeks. The aligners should be worn for around 20 hours each day to ensure excellent results.

Is Simpli5 suitable for everyone?

You may automatically question how a treatment works in just 20 weeks; the Simpli5 system works so quickly because it is only recommended for people with minor orthodontic problems. If you have more complex problems and your teeth need to be moved considerably, you will be advised to choose a more intensive treatment.

The Simpli5 aligners are suitable for people with minor spacing between their teeth and minor problems with their occlusion; it is also very effective for people who have already had braces, as it helps to refine the position of the teeth and hold the teeth in place to prevent relapse.

Simpli5 can also be useful for patients who want to have veneers; the aligners can help to correct minor problems with the alignment of the teeth, which means that less preparation will be required before the veneers are fixed to the teeth.

Why should I consider Simpli5?

If you’re thinking about having orthodontic treatment but you only have minor problems, it’s worth considering Simpli5, especially if you’re worried or out off by the prospect of wearing a brace for a long period of time. Treatment with Simpli5 takes just 20 weeks to correct the problems and produce an attractive smile. Many people also appreciate the fact that you can take the aligners out, which enables them to eat what they want and brush their teeth properly; this also means you can take them out for big events like weddings and parties. The aligners have also been designed to move the teeth gently, which means this treatment is much less painful than some other treatments.

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