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If you have suffered trauma to your front teeth, it’s not just a dental injury. We understand that you are likely to be very upset and worried about how you can get your smile back. Even though you may have other injuries, visible damage to your front teeth is likely to be the element that you are most concerned about.
What will other people think?
How can I smile?
Dental trauma can often severely damage your self-confidence.

Previously, repairing your damaged smile would have taken several appointments with an initial temporary solution that may not look great

So what if we could fix your tooth at that first emergency appointment with a flawless, natural looking repair?

Here is a case where Dr Richard Field has done just that!



An 18-year-old girl came to see him with a fracture to her upper right front tooth and a cut lip after falling while out on the Saturday evening (two days earlier) with friends. A full dental examination was carried out including x-rays which revealed that the tooth was fractured but that the root and nerve were not damaged. The patient was advised that it would be necessary to monitor the tooth long term and that in future it may require further treatment.

Repairing the fracture

Richard carefully matched the natural shade of her teeth to the material he would use for the repair.

Your teeth are made up of two parts, the bright enamel on the surface and darker dentine inside. When repairing teeth we use multiple shades of filling material tohelpmimic nature and make the tooth look as natural as possible.

After a final polish we can see how the restoration blends naturally in with the rest of her natural teeth, restoring her beautiful smile.


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