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Are you self-conscious about your dentures? Do you dream of having a beautiful, youthful looking smile? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Harley Street Dental Studio, we offer a raft of amazing treatments, which are capable of reversing the ageing effects of dentures.

Our modern cosmetic dentures

It’s very common to conjure up in your mind dated images of dentures based on film clips and pictures, but the reality is that modern dentures are very different from the comic-style false teeth you see in comics or old movies. We work with the best technicians in the country to design and fit modern, natural-looking dentures that will make you look and feel a million dollars.

Denture stabilisation

If you’ve had trouble with dentures in the past, we may recommend implant-retained dentures. Denture stabilisation is a technique that involves using implants to secure the denture. Implants are small titanium devices, which are inserted into the jaw bone to support a new tooth or set of teeth. With an implant in place, there’s no risk of a denture slipping or sliding, and the aesthetic results are incredible.

Dental implants

If you’re looking for an alternative to dentures for lost teeth, dental implants could be the solution. Dental implants have taken the world by storm, and they are suitable for the vast majority of patients who have lost natural teeth. Implants are screw-like devices, which are made from titanium. They are inserted into small openings in the bone tissue, and they assume the role of the missing tooth root. Once the implant has integrated into the bone, it can be attached to a crown, a bridge or a denture. Implants last for many years and they are famed for creating stunning smiles.

If you have missing teeth and you’re keen to feel confident about your smile again, why not contact us and book a consultation?


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