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If you thought you needed to wait months to see the results of dental implant treatment, think again! We are delighted to offer our clients instant treatment, with the amazing All-on-4 implant system.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a dental implant system, which uses four implants to support a new arch of teeth; usually, at least 6 implants are needed and implant treatment takes several months, but with this option, the new teeth are fitted straight away and you can enjoy all the benefits of your implants straight away.

How does All-on-4 work?

It’s understandable to wonder how All-on-4 works, as it provides immediate results with fewer implants.

The answer lies in the fact that the implants are placed at different angles and two f the implants are located at the front of the mouth, which is where the strongest bone tissue is situated. Two of the implants are placed at 45 degree angles at the back of the mouth and two are located at the front of the mouth; these implants are positioned at 90 degree angles. The density of the bone allows for maximum support of the implants.

Who can benefit from All-on-4?

All-on-4 is ideal for patients who have a large number of missing teeth and those who have struggled with dentures in the past. The implants provide maximum support for the new teeth and there is no danger of the teeth becoming loose or slipping out of position.

Replacing the teeth is beneficial for a multitude of reasons; you will be able to smile with confidence again and enjoy all the benefits of having a full set of new teeth; you can eat what you like and enjoy clear speech without any concerns about your denture slipping or your teeth looking false.

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