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Receding Gums? Meet Gingival Veneers!


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Do you have receding gums? If so, you may feel self-conscious about the look of your smile. If you dream of a beautiful smile, we might have just the treatment for you. Gingival veneers are a special type of veneer designed to replace lost gum tissue and produce a healthy looking, radiant smile.

Why do gums recede?

Gum recession may be a sign of ageing, but it is most commonly linked to gum disease. Gum disease is the most common cause of premature tooth loss in adults in the UK and causes the gums to become swollen and sore. Bleeding gums are often the first visible warning sign.

When your gums recede, it can make your teeth look longer. Once you’ve had treatment for gum disease and the swelling has died down, this can make the teeth look even longer, and you may be concerned about the look of your smile. Our smiles are our most noticeable feature and nobody wants to feel anxious about smiling in public.

The ins and outs of gingival veneers

Gingival veneers are designed to cover the area of lost gum tissue. This makes your teeth look shorter, and improves the overall aesthetic of the smile. Your smile will look more balanced and you’ll also look younger!

We usually require just two appointments to make and fit gingival veneers. The veneers are made from acrylic and are removable, so you can brush and floss as normal.

If you’re interested in gingival veneers or you’d like to find out if they would benefit you, our experienced dentists will be happy to go through treatment details with you.


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