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Questions Answered About Damon Braces In The City Of London


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Damon Braces are a swift and painless fixed brace treatment, which offers a modern alternative to conventional fixed braces. If you’re looking for a discreet, fast treatment in the city of London, here’s everything you need to know about Damon Braces:

How do Damon Braces work?

Damon Braces use sliding brackets and self-ligating, friction-free wires, to move the teeth, creating a straight, perfectly aligned smile. The brackets are finer and lighter than traditional braces and the forces are gentle, for a more comfortable treatment experienced. These braces are also able to create space, so it is very uncommon to need tooth extraction prior to having the braces fitted.

What do Damon Braces look like?

Damon Braces are not invisible, but they are a more discreet option than traditional fixed braces. The brackets are wires are smaller and lighter, so you can enjoy more confidence during the treatment stage.

Who can benefit from Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are a great option for a broad spectrum of patients; this treatment is capable of generating a lot of movement, so it is suitable for patients with complex needs, as well as those who have less complex needs.

Are Damon Braces painful?

Damon Braces use the latest technology to reduce friction, so they are more comfortable than other types of brace. To begin with, like all treatments, it may take a couple of days to get used to wearing the brace, but any discomfort will subside very quickly.



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