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Pure Power Mouth Guards For The Ultimate Fight Against Tooth Injury For Patients In London


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Harley Street Dental Studio offers those suffering with Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders scientifically proven options for preventing oral trauma or dental damage. The Pure Power Mouth Guard is available at our studio to reposition the jaw joint and relax facial muscles. Active sports people choose the Pure Power Mouth Guard to enhance athletic performance while protecting their mouth from injury during sporting activities.

About TMJ

TMJ is a disorder of the jaw joint that is typified by symptoms of jaw pain and pain in the neck, face, shoulders and back. Some people suffer from migraines as a result of TMJ and simply require an effective TMJ treatment such as the Pure Power Mouth Guard to alleviate the pain and correct jaw function.

When TMJ is left untreated, individuals may experience unnecessary discomfort, lack of sleep, oral trauma and ill health. We provide TMJ treatment to improve health and quality of life. Our TMJ expert assesses your oral condition to determine suitability of treatment. If the Pure Power Mouth Guard is right for you, a digital image of your jaw joint is taken to custom-make your mouth guard using advanced technologies and materials.

There are different types of Pure Power Mouth Guard to suit the unique needs of individuals. Mouth guards are used in treating not only TMJ but to prevent teeth grinding habits or bruxism that may wear teeth and damage oral structures.

Benefits of the Pure Power Mouth Guard

The Pure Power Mouth Guard gives sports persons and individuals suffering with TMJ or teeth grinding, a range of benefits that include:

  • Repositioning the jaw joint for normal function
  • Relaxing jaw and facial muscles to alleviate pain and tension
  • Preventing further oral trauma and dental damage
  • Reducing fatigue and promoting stamina

If you would like more information about our Pure Power Mouth Guard please call us today at Harley Street Dental Studio in London.




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