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Protecting your Teeth While you Exercise With Pure Power


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When you exercise, you probably focus on giving your best performance, but have you ever stopped to think about protecting your teeth? We tend to worry about injuries like pulled muscles and broken bones, but dental injuries are also a common side-effect of playing sport. If you participate in contact or fighting sports, we strongly recommend wearing a Pure Power mouth guard. This innovative device won’t just keep your pearly whites in check. It will also elevate your performance to the next level.

What is the Pure Power mouth guard and what’s so good about it?

The Pure Power mouth guard is an advanced dental appliance, which helps to protect against dental injuries and improve sporting performance. This mouth guard doesn’t just provide a barrier to prevent damage to the teeth. It also corrects the position of the jaw to reduce tension in the facial muscles and improve flexibility and power. When you place the mouth guard in your mouth, it will automatically adjust the position of your jaw, making you feel comfortable and reducing the risk of muscle strain. Using the Pure Power mouth guard can also help to reduce the risk of TMJ disorder, a common condition, which causes pain, stiffness and a lack of movement in the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint that joins the lower jaw to the skull.

Who can benefit from the Pure Power mouth guard?

The Pure Power mouth guard is ideal for competitors of all levels and you don’t have to be an elite performer to take advantage of its many benefits. We strongly recommend this product for anyone who participates in activities such as boxing, martial arts, hockey, lacrosse and rugby.

If you have any questions about the Pure Power mouth guard or you’d like to find out more about getting your hands on one, call us today!


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