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Protect Your Teeth During Sporting Activities In The Heart Of London


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Contact and team sports are fast and furious and they have many benefits for health, but they also carry a risk of injury. We recommend wearing a custom-made mouth guard to prevent dental injuries and we are proud to offer our clients the amazing Pure Power Mouth Guard, an appliance, which not only protects your teeth, but also promises to enhance your performance on the field.

What is the Pure Power Mouth Guard?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is an extremely high-tech piece of equipment, which is unlike any other mouth guard on the market. This guard is custom-made not just to fit the contours of your mouth perfectly, but also to ensure that your jaw is in the best possible position when you are playing sport. The guard automatically changes the position of the jaw joint when you place it in your mouth to ensure that you are comfortable when you perform and also to reduce the risk of injuries and enable optimum muscle contraction.

When the jaw is slightly out of position, the muscles surrounding the joint are forced to work harder and this can contribute to pain, stiffness and a smaller range of movement. With the PPM, these problems are eradicated and you can focus solely on your sporting performance, rather than worrying about your gum shield not fitting or being hampered by aches and pains.

Who can benefit from the PPM?

Anyone who plays sports that carry a risk of dental injuries can benefit from the Pure Power Mouth Guard; this appliance is suitable for amateurs and elite athletes and we recommend it for people who participate in the following activities:

  • boxing
  • martial arts and mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • football
  • rugby
  • hockey
  • ice hockey
  • lacrosse



Protect Your Teeth During Sporting Activities In The Heart Of London

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