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Preventative Measures For Sports Lovers In The City Of London


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Many of us love playing sport and exercising on a regular basis has myriad health benefits. We want you to enjoy participating in sporting activities and return home afterwards feeling fit and energized; this is why we recommend the Pure Power Mouth Guard. Although there are many benefits of exercise, many sports do carry a risk of injury and wearing a mouth guard is an easy and effective way of protecting the teeth and gums.

We are delighted to offer the Pure Power Mouth Guard, one of the most advanced pieces of sporting equipment on sale at the moment. This mouth guard is much more than your average gum shield; it fits perfectly, it offers amazing levels of protection and it promises to enhance your sporting performance.

About the Pure Power Mouth Guard

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is a very advanced gum shield, which alters the position of the jaw automatically to ensure that it is in the optimum place. Adjusting the position of the jaw reduces tension and strain around the jaw and facilitates more effective and efficient muscle contraction in the facial muscles. The risk of aches and pains is lower and you can focus on your game.

The PPM is also proven to reduce aches and tension in the neck and shoulders and it helps to improve posture.

Every mouth guard is custom-made according to very detailed measurements; every time you put in your mouth it makes minor, but very important, adjustments, to ensure you are comfortable and optimize your performance.

We strongly recommend the Pure Power Mouth Guard for anyone who plays the following sports:

  • rugby league
  • hockey
  • rugby union
  • ice hockey
  • lacrosse
  • mixed martial arts
  • boxing
  • kickboxing
  • cage fighting
  • wrestling

The PPM is not just designed for elite athletes, it can be beneficial for participants of all abilities.

Preventative Measures For Sports Lovers In The City Of London

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