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The PPM (Pure Power Mouth guard) is a new concept, which aims to improve sporting performance, as well as protecting the teeth from injury. The state of the art device uses the latest scientific research to enhance sporting performance whilst offering unrivalled protection.

Many people will wonder how a simple mouth guard can affect overall performance and some will be sceptical about the results; however, the team behind the PPM have spent a considerable amount of time developing the device and the product is based on years of research.

How does PPM work?

The PPM works by realigning the muscles in the face and jaw; this means that wearing the PPM ensures that the jaw joint is in the optimum position during the performance. The perfect alignment and positioning of the jaw helps to relax the facial muscles and prevents pain in the neck, shoulders, chest and back. The PPM also helps to release tension in the muscles and increases flexibility and strength.

Harley Dental Studio is delighted to offer the PPM to clients; this really is cutting edge technology and has been proven to improve overall sporting performance, as well as maximising comfort and protection. The PPM is ideal for anyone who plays sport but will be particularly beneficial for people who participate at elite level. There are different models available to suit your individual needs and each PPM will be custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly. The PPM Key is designed for amateur athletes, as it does not have the full range of features.

Unique sport enhancement technology

The PPM is different to other mouth guards because it is custom-made. The device is manufactured according to very precise measurements of the individual’s jaw. The measurements are generated using state of the art computer technology and are used to determine the individual’s optimum jaw position. The PPM helps to move and fix the jaw joint into the optimum position as soon as it is inserted, meaning that tension around the facial muscles and around the head is released. The PPM helps to combat TMJ disorder (temporomandibular joint), which is a common condition affecting the muscles around the joint. TMJ disorder causes the muscles to be stressed and strained at all times, which affects their flexibility and movement.

The PPM is considerably more expensive than the average mouth guard, but it does have a vast range of benefits and will make a huge difference if you regularly participate in sporting activities. The device has already enjoyed great success in the USA and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK. People who would benefit most from the PPM include hockey players, rugby players, boxers and lacrosse players; however, participants of non-contact sports may also benefit from the PPM.

Many people may assume that the PPM is a bit too good to be true and some may doubt the accuracy of the claims made by the team behind the PPM. However, research has shown that the PPM can make a real difference. If you want to know more about the PPM or are interested in the device, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Harley Street Dental Studio.

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