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Poor Dental Health and the Importance of a Dental Hygienist Clean for Patients in the City of London


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While poor dental health can have a negative impact on your appearance, confidence and tooth function, it can have adverse effects on other areas of your health, too. The most common dental problem that relates to health problems elsewhere in the body is gum disease, whichβ€”especially in its more advanced stagesβ€”can only be stopped with a clean from your City of London dental hygienist.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory problems

Some studies suggest that the prevalence of gum disease is linked to an increased likelihood of stroke and heart disease. In cases of periodontitis, there is evidence to show that the swelling and inflammation of the gums inherent in such a disease can increase the risk of coronary artery disease, too. The increased volume of bacteria caused by gum disease adds to this risk, as well as exacerbating certain respiratory problems, such as emphysema, in those who already suffer from them.

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Broadly speaking, pregnant women and people with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease than other people. As such, it is particularly important for these groups to visit their dentists regularly to check for symptoms of gingivitis or periodontitis. This is due not only to the gum disease that may be caused by diabetes and hormonal changes in pregnancy, but also because research suggests that periodontitis can aggravate and even cause diabetes. It can also cause premature delivery of a baby, as well as low birth weight.

Gum disease is caused primarily by the build-up of plaque and tartar. While plaque is often easily removed when a thorough teeth-cleaning routine is implemented, tartar is tougher and clings to the teeth more stubbornly. It can only be removed by scaling at a dental hygienist clinic. It is crucial for your general health, as well as your dental health, for you to brush, floss and visit your dental hygienist regularly.


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