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When it comes to your wedding day, every bride – and increasingly every groom – wants to make sure that they look their best. You can spend thousands of pounds on the right dress, the perfect hair cut and top-of-the-line make-up, but if you reveal a mouth full of crooked or discoloured teeth when you smile for the cameras, then you’re not going to look back fondly on you’re album of wedding pictures in ten years’ time.

A trend on the rise

Having dental work, whether serious or just cosmetic changes, prior to getting married is becoming more and more common, and even the celebrities are joining in. Earlier this year, the British tabloid press was full of speculation that Kate Middleton had been undergoing dental treatment to make sure she had a smile fit for a princess ahead of her wedding day. Of course, some dental work can take many months to work, so if you have a problem with your teeth that you want to get fixed and the wedding day is approaching fast, make sure you get a consultation booked. After all, the only thing worse than crooked teeth on a wedding picture are teeth that are hidden by braces!

A modern solution to wedding smiles

Of course, these days braces can be pretty much invisible. Systems like Invisalign are not only more comfortable to wear, but won’t show up on photographs either. It can take six months and longer, from start to finish, for you to get the straight teeth you want for the wedding day, so plan your trip to the dentist well in advance. Invisalign Lite could be one option if you have left it a bit late and you only need minor alterations made to your front teeth. These also use the same comfortable, invisible aligners but because they are only working on a few teeth, the process is much faster. Some people achiever their perfect smile within weeks rather than months.

What kind of changes do you need?

If you need more serious corrections or your teeth are discoloured rather than crooked, veneers could provide an instant fix. Well, not quite instant as you need to have a couple of sessions in the dentist’s chair to have them prepared, but once they are ready it takes only one visit for them to be fitted onto your own teeth, immediately giving you the perfect smile. Many people try teeth whitening at home ahead of their wedding day, but this is a really bad idea. After all, this is the most important day of your life; would you take this opportunity to try out a home spray tan for the first time or to try a new hair dye? Stick with a professional treatment and you know that not only will nothing go wrong on the day, but you’ll walk down the aisle with a dazzling set of pearly whites to match your dress.




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