Patients in the City of London can Experience the Amazing Smile Transformation of Exclusive MAC Veneers


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MAC Veneers are one of the highest quality dental veneers. Used in the treatment of chipped teeth, discoloured teeth, gapped teeth and mild tooth misalignment- MAC Veneers are THE smile makeover treatment of choice.

What are MAC Veneers and how do they differ from other veneers?

MAC Veneers out class many other veneer brands, due to the exceptional work put into their production and the quality of materials used. MAC Veneers are:

  • Stronger than regular veneers.
  • More natural looking than regular veneers.
  • Longer lasting than regular veneers.
  • Require less tooth preparation than regular veneers.

These innovations are all achieved through the extensive production process, which involves:

  • Pressing the ceramic material, rather than just layering it, so not only is it stronger it is also thinner and more durable.
  • Building the colour of the tooth from the inside out to create an incredibly natural translucency, which mimics the appearance of your other teeth.
  • Only trained and skilled MAC technicians are able to produce the veneers have extensive training into the art of veneer craftsmanship.

The benefits of MAC Veneers

MAC Veneers are a great choice of veneer treatment as they are:

  • Incredibly natural looking.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Do not require large portions of dental enamel to be removed, as with other veneers.
  • Are well-matched with crowns, bridges , inlays and onlays.
  • Are still around the same price as regular veneers.

MAC Veneers are not readily available as other types of veneers, as you need to receive permission from the MAC Company to use their product. Harley Street Dental Studio in the City of London is one such exclusive dental practice who can offer this service to their patients, using them at an optimal level to ensure incredibly results.



Patients in the City of London can Experience the Amazing Smile Transformation of Exclusive MAC Veneers

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