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Nothing makes you look healthier than a shiny, bright smile, so why not visit the Harley Street Dental Studio and have your teeth professionally whitened? We are proud to use the best treatments on the market and we highly recommend Enlighten whitening, one the most popular professional whitening treatments in the world.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is a professional whitening system, which combines at-home and in-chair treatment. To begin with, the patient wears a custom-made whitening tray, which contains whitening agent, for 14 days at home (most people wear their tray during the night so that it does not interfere with their daily routine) and on the 15th day, we invite clients to come into the surgery for a one-hour power whitening session to give the teeth a radiant glow. The in-chair session is completely painless and we encourage patients to sit back and relax; after one hour, the teeth will look visibly lighter and brighter and you can start showing off your brand new smile.

Is whitening safe?

Whitening is a very safe and simple treatment when administered by a trained professional. We take health and safety very seriously and hold a consultation with all patients prior to treatment. If you have existing oral health problems, these will be addressed before treatment is recommended.

Some patients experience very mild sensitivity after whitening treatment, but this should subside very quickly.

What are the benefits of whitening treatment?

The benefits of whitening treatment are not just aesthetic; your smile will look great, but this will also make you feel great and boost your confidence. When you smile with confidence, this enables you to create really positive first impressions and build new relationships. Call us today at Harley Street Dental Studio in London to find out more about our whitening services!


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