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It’s normal for our teeth’s natural shine to fade slightly, due to everyday food and drink. Tea, coffee or wine can have particularly profound effects, as can smoking. However, there’s no need to feel self-conscious about your smile, thanks to the tooth whitening treatments on offer at Harley Street Dental Studio in London. Several treatments are available to help your teeth reclaim their brilliance, including treatments in the dental studio and tooth-whitening kits you can take home. Harley Street’s dental team will be more than happy to discuss with you which treatment is best suited to your needs.

In-house treatments

One of the most popular treatments at the dental studio is Zoom! The Zoom! Whitening treatment involves a special whitening gel being applied to the teeth. A lamp is used on the teeth to help the gel ‘activate’. This procedure is quick, lasting only 45 minutes to an hour, and you will be able to see results instantly. What’s more, the results are durable. Another treatment available at the Harley Street Dental Studio is the Enlighten system, one of the most popular systems on the market as it can help your teeth to look up to ten shades whiter, and the results can last years. The Enlighten system works best with a combination of in-studio and take-home treatments.

Take-home treatments

NiteWhite is a system available for home use, whereby special moulds are made to fit your individual teeth. These moulds, which contain a special whitening agent, are worn at night, meaning that tooth-whitening treatment need not interrupt the rest of your daily schedule. Treatment lasts seven to ten days, and also helps your teeth feel smoother as well as look whiter. Smilestrips are another option, costing just £45.  The strips are applied at home to your upper and lower teeth, and then removed after 45 minutes. The procedure is repeated for 14 days, and your teeth will look whiter and brighter for that perfect smile!



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